Gerardo Perez is our first official Employee of the Month!


Congratulations to Gerardo in the Lighting Controls group, along with the entire project management team –> LaQuita Smith! Lora Crawley! Valorie Fair! Katherine Rodriguez! This group has been crushing it – working hard, learning, working together, and keeping our orders CLEAN!






Many teammates recognized his efforts in this month’s nominations and every day. We wanted to share a couple of outstanding testimonials.

“Gerardo is SO helpful and easy to work with! He understands our situation as quoters and is kind even during the chaos. Gerardo is knowledgeable and can explain easily to communicate to our customers better! He manages his time well and prioritizes needs so that he can get quotes done on time (even though we stress them out last minute!). Anytime there is an issue or a question, he has a phenomenal attitude about it. Overall, I love working with him.”

“Gerardo is such a pleasure to work with! Always extremely kind and goes the extra mile to help when needed!”

Thank you for what you do.