Dustin and Vivian are Hossley’s July Winners : Thank you for taking the time to recognize our coworkers.  We have an incredible TEAM! ~ Mike Virag

Dustin Cole : Sales Team

“Dustin has always been wonderful, but these past few months he has really gone above and beyond!

Losing a quoter in your territory is tough enough. Losing a GM that has had years of knowledge and a customer base that is used to calling him direct is even tougher. But Dustin has used this a momentum to do better instead of staying stagnant in despair.

He is customer centric. Instead of focusing on “how can HLPS benefit me” his focus is “what can I do to better serve our customers”. And by putting the customers first he in turn puts HLPS first. Because without customers we do not exist.

He jumped right in and worked to be proactive so that everyone is taken care of. And he’s been quite tireless at it too! Dustin is the kind of person that believes in being a team player. He has never once asked someone to do more work than he is willing to put in. I have thoroughly enjoyed working more with Dustin these past few months now that I’m quoting STX and HLPS is very lucky to have him!”

Vivian Sheffield : Customer Service Team

“She came onboard in January with no experience in the lighting industry and has come so far in her knowledge of the industry. She is smart, a hard worker, efficient at her job and a great teammate. She keeps us all on our toes with her quick wit, and her ability to make any situation lighter with her input makes the office a fun place to work. We are lucky to have her!!”