Pinnacle Architectural Lighting has the perfect set of solutions for healthcare facilities such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, nurse’s stations, waiting areas, lobbies, patient rooms, and more. Get the aesthetic you’re looking for in any space while maintaining necessary light levels for healthcare professionals to get their jobs done.

EDGE – Narrow aperture lighting taken to the next level. Design spaces with flawless lines of light.

Architectural Recessed – ADEO and LUCEN will meet all your architectural recessed needs.

Outline – A dedicated perimeter lighting solution to wrap a room or a corridor in light.

FINA – elegant, floating discs of light designed to enhance the contemporary interiors.

LiFT – Create clean clusters of light, unique to every design.

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to keep our healthcare facilities clean. Introducing Pinnacle luminaires with Indigo-Clean: illuminate a space safely while providing environmental disinfection that is proven by independent laboratory testing to kill harmful bacteria including Staph*, such as MRSA**. If the light is turned on, the Indigo-Clean technology is working in the healthcare space.

With a sleek design and disinfecting technology, Pinnacle fixtures are perfect for any healthcare facility. Don’t miss out on an opportunity – contact your local Hossley Lighting rep for information.