The University of Texas recently unveiled its stunning Hall of Fame exhibit showroom to pay tribute to its greatest athletes of all time. LEDCONN was able to share in this legacy by providing over 72 customized LUXFIT LED light panels sized at 35in x 108in that enhance the school’s iconic burnt orange color displayed on the walls. LEDCONN customized each panel to fit the design build, and the result is an inspiring display that fills the hearts of the school’s athletes with pride.

LUXFIT isn’t just for showrooms; it’s used widely in retail displays, architectural spaces, signage and more. To learn more, please reach out to your local Hossley Lighting sales rep and review the specs below.

LUXFIT Classic Spec Sheet
Our bestseller – available in static CCTs spanning 3000K-6500K

LUXFIT Tunable White Spec Sheet
Great for creating light transitions with white CCTs

Create attractive color transitions that draw attention

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