HLPS is a manufacturer’s representative for lighting, controls, and electrical products servicing Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

The manufacturers we represent enable us to meet your construction project’s design intent at any budget. Our market basket approach of specifiable lighting, controls and electrical products aims to streamline the decision making process for the construction community.

We centralize operations to provide consistent service and pricing throughout the region. Services include controls systems design, lighting design, budgeting, quotations, and order service.

Our people are our foundation. We are an employee-owned company, where all of us participate in our growth and success together.

One Team  •   One Vision  •  One Goal
6 states   •   100+ professionals   •   300+ manufacturers  •   40+ years strong

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The New Era Of Lighting

A specially developed fabric belt provides the support and the electrical conductivity; the lights are attached in an intuitive way using a clip-and-connect system by VIBIA

HLP Solutions - HUBBELL Lighting

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