ARTEMIDE Sharp offers a high-efficiency patented optical system that combines a polynomial optical unit with geometric screening of the beam’s viewing angle. Translation = it’s a cool fixture!

Sharp is available in trim or trim less versions with 3 beams: Spot 17°, Flood 34°, Wide Flood 54°. Sharp is also available in different sizes: single (1 LED), double (2 LED), quadruple (4 LED), 8x (8 LED), 12x (12 LED) and 16x (16 LED) versions. Fixture lengths are from 2” to 24” long. To learn more about Artemide’s new Sharp fixtures and their new architectural collections, please contact your local Hossley Sales Representative. @artemidenorthamerica @artemide_lighting #artemide #lightingdesign #architecturallighting #hossleylighting