So many employees were nominated by their peers in June, we are giving away a whopping 5 awards for our inaugural “Employee of the Month” along with snippets of commentary from their nominators. Each winner will receive HLPS swag.

     Steven Atkinson
“His positive attitude influences us to strive and do better each day. As a new newcomer in the lighting agency world, he has taught me valuable information. He has made it a point that mistakes are going to happen, but there’s nothing we can’t fix.”

Clint Thornton     Clint Thornton
“This man gets it right every time and always has a positive attitude no matter how slammed he is!”

     Jodi Lednicky
“She has been a team player since the beginning of the merger and been helpful to all she’s come in contact with.  I had the pleasure of meeting her a couple of months ago and not only is she intelligent, but wonderful to work with!”

Alesha Page     Alesha Page
“She comes in everyday with a positive attitude, goes the extra mile for the customer, comes early and stays late.”

Amie Lawson     Amie Lawson
She has always gone above and beyond the call of duty to do anything she can to help her team/outside sales guys as well as her customers.”

We are so grateful for our staff! Keep up the great work.